Dennis McGrath

My initial experience with Asian healing modalities began in 1972 when I enrolled in a course on acupressure massage. I soon discovered that practicing acupressure made me feel great, both energized and grounded. This surprised me since I was the one doing the work! The recipients of my bodywork often gave me enthusiastic feedback, which mirrored the profound connection that I was experiencing with them. 

My hands became conduits for untold information about the people I was touching. I became aware of new ways of knowing about my clients, and not just their bodies, but also their emotional states. 

A year later I met a Chinese acupuncturist and began a period of an informal tutorial mentorship, which not only enriched my acupressure practice, but also created a desire within me to formalize my education in acupuncture. However, the reality of the 1970’s in the United States was that the practice of acupuncture was illegal for anyone other than an M.D. Also, the only acupuncture schools teaching in English were in England. My responsibility of needing to help support my family held precedence over my wish to become an acupuncturist, and so school was delayed for a while. I continued to study and practice over the years, honing my acupressure skills and developing my intuitive senses.

After our children were raised and out on their own, I returned to school to complete the pre-requisite courses needed for my entry into acupuncture college. We then moved to San Francisco where I attended The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, earning a Master of Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. I gained state licensure in early 2000, and began my practice immediately thereafter, thus fulfilling a twenty-eight year dream.

In my practice today, I blend both acupressure and acupuncture to provide comprehensive and effective treatments for my clients. It will be my pleasure to do the same for you.